Thursday, March 10, 2011


the mic is mine!! hehe

Last week i'm busy preparing and practicing for role play. its my second assignment for bel 312. so far, so good lah. and my presentation was on Friday morning. i felt so nervous and i almost slipped my mind when i forgot certain lines for my scene! argggghh. it's not easy to be an actress, seriously. i hate memorizing!

The role play was about my company, Namijumi Ice-Cream Boutique. we had six scenes in total that plot a story on the problems faced by our company and ways on how are we gonna handle that problems. I acts as a worker who have some manners problems and i also acts as a "gedik" customer. HAHA. i love my role here! it's fun to be childish, resembles my real attitude a bit lorh. wee~ it's not an easy task but my classmates and I tried our best to satisfied Papa Jie. we have to get high score ayte? i hope so :)

When the presentation is over, i felt relieved! no need to memorize dialogue anymore, no more burden. tehee. i wish i could upload the vids here, but the duration is too long. so, i'm just upload some pix that i took on that role-play day.

team pal: mina. auwww. she's such a sweet manager!

my other team pals: mia n una. thanx for ur hardwork darls

AC110 4E classmates wif Papa Jie


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