Thursday, May 5, 2011

practice makes perfect


i am sleepy now. but i miss my blog. so i took a lil time to write this piece of post. there's a long gap since my last post ayte? i'm so sorry, lately i was busy preparing for my exams and i 'm relieved cz i had finished my last paper on 1st may. actually i love to write. yes, i do. i started to learn on writing during my childhood, in primary school. i've been taught to write an essay since i'm in standard two, which means i was 8 years old on that time. but as a kickstart, i've been taught to write an essay in Bahasa Melayu, not english. haha. i always score high marks for essays in BM but english is hard for me, seriously. cz i was born in a family that are using BM as a main language and my family members are not fluent in english. that are the reasons why my english was very weak, and i start to learn everything from zero. i took my own incentive to learn and learn english till i'm able to talk and write in english. eventhough i know that the grammar is messy here and there, but who cares? at least i tried to improve it. so for malays out there who are not confident to use english, don't worry and don't give up, try to apply english in ur daily life and keep on learning. do believe that PRACTISE MAKES PERFECT.


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